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Complete the Story

Complete the Story
Instructions: you should fill in the blanks with names of only toiletries (soaps, washing soaps, detergents, aftershaves, shampoos, talcum powder, face washes etc). Once a name is given for a person, the same name should be used.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Ms._______________________who was in love with a body called Mr. __________________________.
It was her birthday and so ________________________ asked her what she wanted and she asked him for a _______________________ bird,
but he got her a _________________. Still she was happy and they decided to make a cage.
They took the permission of her warden Mrs. ___________________ and went to the sea side.
They sat near the beach to watch the _________________ while they were working.
There was a strong __________________ and so suddenly the ___________________ fell and hit his ______________________________,
so they rushed to the ______________________ and the Doc made a __________________________ for his head and gave some _________________ for his arms and made the pain ______________________.

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